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7 tips for looking after your shoes

We have created a list of steps you should follow to keep those new shoes looking new and lasting longer!


 1: Spray your new shoes  -  Applying a silicon spray to your shoes creates a waterproofing barrier and helps immensely when cleaning off pesky spills or dirt that your shoes may acquire over time.

 2: Alternate Pairs  - You want your shoes to have time to breathe between wearings. Also, let shoes dry for several hours before putting them back in your dank wardrobe.

 3: Clean the insides - Especially important if odor is an issue. Swab them with alcohol or tea tree oil (an antifungal agent). Take care not to touch the outside to avoid staining the leather.

 4: Wear socks or hose - Aside from keeping your feet warm, these also help to prevent perspiration from eroding the insoles of the shoes.

 5: Use shoe trees - These help to retain the shoes correct shape. Cedar made shoe trees are recommended after a days wear, the wood helps absorb any moisture left in the shoe.

 6: Polish and condition - The salt in sweat dries out leather over time, polishing and conditioning your leather shoes regularaly keeps the leather supple.

 7: Add half soles and taps - Getting a shoe repairer to put a bit of rubber on the heels and taps will add many years to the life of your shoes soles.


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Now go put these tips to use so you can enjoy your favourite pair of shoes for longer! :)

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